Style, cut, color, chop! Whether it's a 50s bob or the rolled-out-of-bed-look, our hair experts will give you the style you've always wanted. From highlights to low lights, our professional colorists will treat you to the best experience with stunning results. Fresh, exciting, glamorous or simply hip, we know just how important it is to get the look that defines your identity. And at Belle Femme, that's how its done!
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Eyelash extensions are designed to add length, fullness and beauty to your eyes and lashes. Applied to your own natural lashes by our cosmeticians, you will instantly see the difference with a new beautiful set of lush and full lashes, contouring your eyes.
You can choose different types of looks and styles such as doll lashes or a more cat like effect, and they will last anywhere between 1 day to a month depending on which lashes you want.
The best part is that you wont even know they're there!
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From hands to feet, get ready to have a great manicure and pedicure that will leave you feeling fresh, polished and clean. Our technicians are not only highly skilled, but they've been trained and use only sterilized instruments to give you the best results.
Parrafin treatment, Bio Sculpture, Shellac/Gelish manicures, and Callus Peel Treatment are just some of the many services and products we provide. Belle Femme is all about giving you the care that you deserve with a wide array of top quality commodities. We promise that you will come out feeling fulfilled and looking forward to your next appointment!
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Minimum charge 160 AED per visit

24 hour cancellation policy applies

Kindly cancel in advance to avoid charges